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Welcome to The Knife Review Site, the world’s foremost website on knives of all varieties and functions. As self-proclaimed knife aficionados, our goal is to direct and guide you to the perfect knife for you whether it be a sturdy hunting knife, a viable kitchen utility knife, a reliapaintballingble self-defense/tactical knife, or a sharp looking Japanese throwing knife set.  All of the knives listed on this website combine affordability and practicality as we review only the top, most trusted knife brands on the planet such as Victorinox, Gerber, Promate, Buck and Spyderco.

On this website, we aim to assist and guide you to the smartest purchase when it comes to reliable and good knives. We focus on over two dozen categories when it comes to knives including fixed blades, folding knives, diving knives, combat knives and even good knives for kitchen use. With the exception of a couple articles on cool looking decorative knives, the knives listed on this website are for the practical carrier; the people that live and breath the outdoors and employ constant thoughts of camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, diving, or having the ability to fix anything at the drop of the hat with their everyday use pocket knife (for other sports gear, check out our headlamp website).

If this is the first time finding yourself on our website, you can easily navigate through the pages to find the exact type of knife or utensil you are looking for on the upper left side of the homepage as we have separated the varieties of knives into categories. Each category page will have a list compiling what we think are the smartest options to purchase with comprehensive reviews on each individual knife. The articles on the knives will either be a full review of a specific knife with pros and cons or be a short list of what we think are the best knives for a designated category, like the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 being the “best” Military Combat Knife.

Each article on The Knife Review Site will have links on the images of the knife or scattered throughout the article to redirect you to third party websites that will have more information on each product as well as the opportunity to purchase what we deem to be the very best knives. As a note, we are an affiliate site and do receive compensation for products purchased through our links to Amazon.com

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