The Best Titanium Dive Knives

Titanium diving knives are the most durable and effective cutting tools available to scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts. They are strong enough to cut through tough fishing lines or hammer through an underwater lock. They’re also not a bad companion to have with you should a Great White or Mako drift into your dive zone. Below we have outlined your best options from the top manufacturers in this niche. “Arm Yourselves Mateys!”

 PROMATE Scuba Dive Snorkel Titanium Knife

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Known for their high quality snorkel sets, Promate brings their skilled engineering to developing a great diving accessory in their 4 ⅜” Titanium Knife. Made popular by Bear Grylls on his adventure show “Man vs. Wild,” this knife is made specifically with the diver in mind as it comes with an easy grip rubber handle, an adjustable sheath, a serrated titanium blade that can handle anything, and a titanium hammer bottom for added purpose. Usually priced under fifty dollars.

 U.S. Divers Titanium Diving Knife

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This 5-inch diving knife with one continuous piece of titanium blade is the perfect accessory for any diver. The high quality material of the blade can handle any type of task from it cutting through kelp to dealing with a difficult underwater emergency. This higher end knife separates itself from the pack because of its lightweight design.

 Deep See Squeeze Lock Titanium KnifeAqua Lung Squeeze Lock Ti- Stiletto Tip Dive Knife, Charcoal

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This diving knife by Deep See is a slightly more expensive and higher end diving knife than the Promate Dive Knife and employs incredibly strong beta alloy titanium for its blade and a secure locking mechanism that is patented by the manufacturer. An average sized knife that weighs almost nothing thanks to the titanium material. Like all titanium diving knives, this knife is perfect for use in ocean water and will not rust, corrode, or dull nearly as fast steel competitors.

Other Great Dive Knives (Not Titanium)

Fury Dive Knife

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The Fury Dive Knife with a 9-inch Rubber Grip and Secure Sheath/Leg Straps is an incredibly affordable and high quality diving knife. The soft rubber grip allows the diver to continuously use the knife for hours with comfort and without any strain. The blade is a respectable 4.5 inches of stainless steel with a serrated back edge for dual purposes. Joy Enterprises, the manufacturer of this knife, has been making high quality and affordable products for over 70 years!

Scuba BC Knife

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The Scuba BC Knife made by ScubaMax measures in with an overall size of 7.5 inches and a blade length of 3.25 inches. Another great value product considering its price, comes with a stainless steel, rounded tip blade with a serrated edge. With a great quick release function, this knife is a great accessory to attach to scuba and snorkeling gear as well as a life vest. Product comes very well sharpened and ready to use right of the packaging!

McNett Saturna Dive Knife

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The McNett Saturna Blunt Tip Outdoor and Diving Knife is a great and low-priced tool for not only underwater diving but for any outdoor activity such as fishing, hunting, and kayaking! A handy utility knife made of a stainless steel blade and a Kydex tough sheath. Also easy to clean and sharpen because of its capability to completely disassemble. Has a highly comfortable grip with a locking multi-directional sheath.